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...i was cryin' just to get you `* [entries|friends|calendar]
sarah. with an f-ing h. ;)

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[09 Oct 2006|02:24pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i don't have classes today, yay! so i finally have one day off from EVERYTHING, it's so nice.
i'm visiting my sister + jacie, the little bumpkin! i had my doctor's appointment today + got my shot over with!
i'm kind of upset w/ ben because today is the only day that i will have off for a while + he doesn't seem very interested in doing much w/ me. he's being lazy..aah. i wanted to do the shopping that we REALLY needed to get done (like stuff to clean the house w/) and he wanted to this morning. i got back from my doctor's appointment + he was completely different. probably cause he smoked weed !
i hate when people's moods change like 3 times in one day. i mean, in that kind of way.
i'm actually kind of bored..now that i have a day off, i don't know what to do w/ myself. i'm looking at old navy.com ..just for the heck of it.
i hope everyone else has a wonderful daaay! :)

* a lot

[06 Oct 2006|09:31am]
[ mood | content ]

it's been a while!
i am still with ben + we are doing well! we moved into a trailer together in winthrop + its nice.
jacie (my sis's baby) is so sweet + is so plump + cuddly! she is now 6 months old: TIMES FLIES!
i am still going to UMF and this year is my senior year, holy mama.
after i graduate i am not sure exactly what i am going to do yet, but i do want to go to graduate school somewhere. i would like to go out of state for something different, but i am nervous to do that.
i work at wal-mart, but now i am working in dry grocery instead of on the front end. i chose to move there because i was so tired of up front. it's not bad in dry grocery, but i think i am just sick of wal-mart altogether.
i would like to try and find a job this summer involving something related to what im studying. it would be so nice. i would feel as though i developed some experience before i went to graduate school. there's so much up in the air right now! ha

i have my first test for child counseling today. i need to go study for that.

and i also turned 21 on October 2nd! it still feels so weird. i think it will for a little while. i bought a bottle of wine the night of my birthday. i walked out of rite aid and was all smiles. I FELT WRONG OR SOMETHING!&#&@( haha..
have a great day everyone : )

* a lot

[05 Apr 2006|10:37am]
[ mood | creative ]

things are still going pretty well in my life. even though working at wal-mart is annoying me at times. i have handled it for a while, lol

my sister had her baby on monday morning at 10:32! my mom and i went to pick up ben from work that day + we all went to CMMC in Lewiston, where she was. the baby is a girl and her name is JACIE LOUISE :) i think thats a really nice name. i am always scared to hold babies at first, for fear of dropping them!

i cannot believe that it snowed again.. bethany and stan are coming up from virginia this weekend and staying with ben and i on monday and tuesday night. i CANNOT WAIT. i miss her since the last time i saw her, back last summer. i hope its nice when she is here + not rainy.
i just registered for classes for the fall. i have a pretty good schedule i think. i try to plan it out so i can still work, but still have time to do stuff, as well.
aah, i finally got a laptop! ! ! it is so extremely nice to be able to be AT HOME when i need to type a paper for class, rather than having to come up to UMF every time just for one little paper. it's nice. i don't have the internet yet, but i will be moving back home in a couple months and will get it then. ben and i are doing fine, but he has wanted to live in Winthrop or Wayne the entire time we've been in Jay, so i thought it would be good for us to be apart when it comes to living arrangments, for now..
this fall i will be a senior in college, so it's important that i focus most of my time on working hard. we will still be able to see each other, of course ;) it will be kind of neat.. like i'm spending the night at my boyfriend's apartment, haha. and not OUR apartment. i hope things work out well.
i also bought a digital camera, sooo guess what?! i put plenty of pics on here. FINALLY, lol.
well my piano class starts at 11, so i better get going. have a wonderful day all <3

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"..in the ring of fire" [29 Nov 2005|11:55am]
[ mood | hungry ]

omg i haven't written in a while lol..
ben and i went to the movies 2 nights in a row ! ;) sunday night, we saw harry potter (is it #4?) .. it was good but some parts scared me! {LIKE THE MAZE, THE LAST TASK THEY HAD TO DO.. EEEEK!}
last night, we saw walk the line .. the movie about johnny cash's life. it was really good.. but you might not like it if you don't like his music much.

i only had 1 cigarette yesterday..it was when freedom was over and we were visiting craig. he took out his pack + i asked for one :x i hadn't had one all day .. and its not a BAD thing i guess, cause it was just one + i hear it's hard to quit COLD TURKEY.
anyways..ben and i went grocery shopping + got lots of yummy food. like stuff we <333 : D
we have been eating so good lately, it makes me happy. i feel like i have more energy, especially after not smoking. i am a lot more motivated, even after just 1 day of not smoking.
i hope i do it this time .. freedom did it!! so that should encourage me even more, because we both smoked about the same amount of time. it's easier to quit, knowing that the people i see the most don't smoke, especially now that ben is doing so well w/ it :))

i bought a 4 ft. tall white christmas tree w/ white lights the other week at wal-mart. Heather and my sister went w/ me + we spent so much money on christmas things + presents for people, lol. but it's worth it! definitely.
the tree looks so beautiful in our living room! awww, ben loves it .. i was so happy that he liked it so much.

i have to work til 10:30 tonight, after my classes. i don't like working after classes, ickk.. but its ok, i don't really mind today i guess.
THERE'S ONLY LIKE 2 MORE WEEKS LEFT OF THIS SEMESTER!!!! i am wicked excited. i need some serious time off from classes, and ooooh i will get it soon : D

ben and i decided .. well, it was more like ben just saying it one night to me, without me mentioning it .. but he told me that he'd like to stay at the apartment for a while longer.. even if its through next summer! aaah .. that surprised me so bad because he likes the apartment, but not the location of it. he would rather be near winthrop.
..but i have to go meet my friend Ashley in the Latte Landing. we're gonna have lunch together! then my last class starts at 1. GEOLOGY, WOO HOO!

alright have a great day guys : )

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when i think about you, I TOUCH MYSELF [02 Nov 2005|01:52pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

blahhh ..one more class to go today. aaaand, i have tomorrow OFF, like usual ; )
i am happy ..
i am finally getting my car fixed tomorrow, as well. in case you didnt know, someone hit me when i was parked in the parking lot next to our apartment. i guess they need my car overnight, so i will have a rental for a couple days. i am excited to see what it'll be!! haha

my geology project is slowly coming along. thank GOSH because i am getting sick of it. very sick of it. it will be nice once it is over. I AM READY TO START NEXT SEMESTER ALREADY!!!
anyone with me?!

ben is picking me up at 5 once my class gets out. then i am not sure what we're doing tonight. i think probably just resting, cause i am in a sleepy mood. i also have a little work that needs to be done before i start my day tomorrow. maybe i will cook dinner tonight for once!

love you guys lots..have a good night : )
. . ich denke uber ben! (i think about ben)
awww <3 german

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[24 Oct 2005|02:23pm]
You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!

ok so i got this from tara's lj .. cause she is super cool ; ) [_mrsbr1ghtside]

..still waiting for ben..
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-- if love is a labor, i'll slave til the end . . . [24 Oct 2005|11:17am]
[ mood | itchy + yucky, but not bad ]

1 more class left. ben dropped me off this morning. i didnt want him to leeeeave : ( he didn't want to leave, either. but at least he's picking me up
....after that: me, him, crystal + freedom are going down to auburn. i would really like to find another black pair of pants + some tan ones for work. i only have 2 pairs now that i wear, so i find myself getting annoyed w/ that! lol ..
we're all going tanning, too. ben said last night: "maybe i'll go tanning, too" .. hahahah .. he's not all into that or anything, but he was half serious / half kidding. :p

/ eeeww, my coat smells like old, stale cigarette smoke. it's not nice :\ .. i really don't like it. i should wash my coat next time i do laundry. trust me, i'm a clean person! haha

/ i really need to declare my major. i am such a slacker at times! ! i am a person, however, that is always waiting for that perfect time to do something like that. i am a believer in: if the timing is wrong, the whole situation could come out differently. you get what i mean?

/ ok i`m very excited to go down to AUBURN, lol. i will try to refrain from spending a whole lot of money, but it's hard. especially when you have it, + no bills are due! i used to never be a person that LOVED to spend money. i don't know what it is. ughh ..(no worries -- it's not a serious problem)

/ i picked up ben from shelly's last night. they were playing poker when i got there. aw, ben was doing so well.. then steph came over and i helped her dye her hair.. i got back + ben was out of the game cause he lost all his, lol. they just play for $5, so it's not like they go CRAZY about it. which is a good thing !

i <3 psychology : )
+ probably youuuu!

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I <3 MARIO [17 Oct 2005|02:29pm]
[ mood | calm ]

today wasn't bad. i almost skipped my classes, cause i was soo tired this morning, all ZOMBIE LIKE, lol butttttttt, i ended up going cause i haven't missed any classes yet, except 1 day cause i was sick.                           

they're over though, so of course i'm glad i went. freedom, ben + i are going to Augusta soon.. we're going to go to this used video game store cause we only have like 2 video games + freedom and i want a mario one !! yayy i am so excited, this is pathetic, hahah :p

i think i might go tanning, cause i don't feel like being totally pale this winter. but i don't go a lot. well i don't feel like talking about much..                                                                                                                                          have a good monday night! : D * love , sarah *

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[14 Oct 2005|11:53am]
i'm going to do a friend's cut, so if you don't see yourself on my friends list, then please just take me off. i am not accepting comments to be kept, because usually people ask to be kept, but still remain ............ gone.

i am sick of having friends on here that i don't even know/talk to / whatever.

.. sorry for being dumb. i know friends cuts are kind of queer. considering it's just a LJ + shouldnt be taken THAT seriously, lol.
but hey, im bored + kinda ughh.
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COME, AS YOU ARE ! ! [14 Oct 2005|11:21am]
[ mood | mellow ]

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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

i am loving friday, AGAIN! i just have 1 more class today, from 12:25-1:15, my German class. then it's overrrr. yay : )
ben is coming to get me around 2, after my class. i am so excited to see him again + i saw him this morning. i realllly want to go to SUBWAY for lunch, cause i have these coupons (really good deals) :)

i have that song in my head by Rise Against - "swing life away" .. i <33 that song. have any of you ever heard it?!
..it's a rainy / dark day again today. i don't mind it THAT much, cause i'm sleepy today anyways, ;p lol .. so if i take a nap later, i won't feel like im "wasting the day", like i feel when it's sunny out. ya know what i mean?

later i will probably go back to the apartment + download some more songs, butttt i really should catch up on my geology reading, sadly to say. cause i dont want to.
this winter i am DEFINITELY going to get a membership at the closest gym. i have to keep my energy!! ha .. but right now, with having to get myself AND ben to work and back, etc, etc, i cannot keep a steady routine, which i normally like to have. so, as bad as this sounds, i think i am going to wait until ben moves out until i can get my things together more.
okay.., that sounds bad, but i didn't mean it that way.. what i'm saying is this: the only reason ben is looking for a new apartment for himself is because he doesnt have a car + it's too hard to get to work when he lives like 30 mins. from it. so he would like to get a place in Winthrop, which is the town he works in.
..i don't want him to leave, but it's for the best. and it will be next summer before we know it anyways. we made it through last winter w/ me in college @ the dorms, so we can do it w/ us both living in separate apartments, lol.

i didn't take a shower this morning. i really should take one when i get back to the apt. aahah .. i feel kinda yucky! ! alright well ..
everyone have a wonderful weekend. &#*)(%)@!
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`' and i, have become .. comfortably numb '` [07 Oct 2005|02:47pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

.ps. i decided i`m gonna start taking a little bit of $$ from each one of my checks, to go towards a digital camera. it's about time i have one : P
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[07 Oct 2005|02:24pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

this thing i got from dee's lj [dress___up]Collapse )

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it's a beautiful life .. oh oh, oh oh [05 Oct 2005|04:39pm]
[ mood | giddy ]


i am so happy. today is mine & ben's 1 yr. + 4 months!
holy crap .. hahahh .. i told him the other day that going out with him for this long is my biggest accomplishment so far. (jk, but ya know, even though i am VERY THRILLED about that)

my last class just ended: intro to disability studies. i am enjoying that class, actually. even though it's only once a week, for 2 1/2 hours. o well, it surprisingly goes by faster than typical long classes.

i love you all .. have a wonderful thursday. i don't have classes tomorrow, but i work from 1-10pm.

ps. ben + i might go see corpse bride toniiiight. even though i've heard good AND bad things about it. i gotta see for myself
something i felt like doing .. even though its not much .. : )
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[03 Oct 2005|01:26pm]
[ mood | glad when today is over ]

well i didn't end up getting DRUNK, ha .. on saturday night. but thats a good thing. freedom & i bought a 12-pack between the 2 of us and i only drank like 2. but then again, i smoked :x
i am not a *party girl* really or anything, but i like doing it sometimes.
i had a really good time though. !

my birthday was yesterdayyy! i worked from 1-10. my mom + sister took me to pizza hut before i went to work + gave me presents. aaaw.. <3
i got home from work at like 10:30pm + ben had put these cool streamers and balloons on the bathroom door (which you see when you walk in)! ahhh! i was like "OMG BEN!" )*#_%_%
he was making an egg roll when i got in, so he was right there in the kitchen.

he took my hand + led me into our room and he had decorated the room with cool balloons and stuff. IT LOOKS SO NEAT! i wanted to take a picture but i don't have a camera.
he put the present in my school bag. i opened it up and there was a bag in there w/ a really pretty dress coat. like a pea coat kind of, but not quite as big. + he got me a few little chocolate bar things + 2 dvds. baby i love you! i said to him: "im not this happy because of the presents, but because of how thoughtful they are!!" :*)

omg he so loves me + i so love him .. forever : ) : )
so i had a wonderful birthday.

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[30 Sep 2005|11:22am]
[ mood | relieved ]

oh boy... i just had my first geology test. i didn't do too bad.. but i also did not study that much. the reason: school + work = hardly any time for studying. i tried to last night after i got out of work but i was not functioning. omg.

anyways ..
i would really like to put pictures on here. but since i dont have my own comp, i can't save shit to the desktop or anything so that means i cant save special codes for doing that.

i hope youre all doing good.. wonderful.. and excellent
: )

jennie was going to move in w/ us but her mom is being a *bad word* i guess, so she might not. she really wanted to + freedom and i really wanted her to, also. fooey :(
i wanted to deck out the living room. lol ;p

i didnt get to sleep with ben last night cause he didnt come home. i think that he wasnt able to get a ride back so he just stayed near his work w/ someone. im gonna call him when i get back at like 1:30 + see what time he gets out today..i wanna do something w/ him tonight. man i love that boy. he is everything to me. (im saying that in a complete non-cliche way because he really does mean tons to me)
- our landlord knocked on the door this morning. tony. ha .. he has a mullet!!!!! hes funny. he just needed to talk to me about something. nothing bad.

ITS FRIDAY!!!!! i love you friday!! !)@*)$* i want to get DRUNKKKKK on saturday night. i think we're going to. i hope crystal + jennie + shane + jd + some other people can come over. freedom has this weekend off so im sure shes gonna want to drink.
+ i hadnt drank in the longest time. so its fun lately. i just don't want a hangover. i will try hard not to get one. :D

take care for now. im sorry i've been a bad lj friend lately. forgive me. i am busier than i seriously think i have ever been in my life.

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*%*@&!($))%#!@! [19 Sep 2005|08:37am]
[ mood | very tired ]


wal-mart ... fuck you!

just kidding, but ah i can't do this whole working 30 hours a week and being a fulltime student. i have BARELY ANY time to STUDY AND DO WORK!

i am going to cut back my work hours to like 3 days a week - 24 hours or something.
i thought i could handle it, but i cant, if i want to stay sane.

i have 3 classes, ending at 1:15 .. i am going back home after and cuddling w/ ben. : D
i also have to read an entire book tonight.

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i love you ben [29 Aug 2005|07:11pm]
[ mood | headache ]

holy mama .. i still love you guys. even though some of you might not be on my friends list anymore, lol.

im still living at my apartment in Jay
Classes starts TOMORROW!!!
Ben and I are doing awesome : D
ummmm ..
and i am REALLY in the mood to watch SEX AND THE CITY, but i have to buy the DVDs first.
i never thought i would like that show, but my sister liked it, so i watched it w/ her one day .. and wow, it's wicked good. :)

it's going to be rainy the rest of the week. blah.
Freedom and i are at the UMF comp. center .. i needed to print off my schedule.
i'm also still working at Wal-Mart ..

aaaand, i opened a checking account this past Thursday! dont worry, i wont bounce any checks. but it's neat.

wow i wonder what i missed in the lives of my LJ friends when i wasn't on here .. it will take a while to back track myself and update myself. i will get in touch w/ you guys though : D
alright i have to go call Verizon and get our phone hooked up. wish me luck going back to school :)
have a good night everyone
yay me and freedom are gonna hang out w/ terri and craig tonight after we get back from farmington !

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*yawn* [06 Jul 2005|06:58pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

today was a reaaaalllyy busy day at wal-mart. holy mama.. i think like .. the whole town came in today, lol.
it was crazy busy.. but at least the time went by fairly fast.

i don't feel like writing too much. ben couldn't find a ride to work today .. i feel bad. he was here when i just got home from work. aaaw .. im happy, but it's also too bad that he couldnt go.

woo i have tomorrow off though. so that will be nice :D :D

well im home now .. ben and freedom are here and ben's making pizza ! yummyy .. cause im really hungry.

i guess i will go .. i hope everyone's doing well.

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wO Oo o oO oo [03 Jul 2005|02:41pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

today did not start off too well : (
i woke up at 8:45 and I had to work at 9:15 .. i didnt even remember my alarm going off, but it must have + i must have fell back asleep.
So i was like "OMG" when i looked at the time. i threw pants on .. had to go to a pay phone cause Freedom wasn't here so i had no phone to use. I ended up calling in sick cause i would have rushed to get ready and had a wicked bad day at work if i went.
i came home + was crying to ben for like 10 mins. about it. i felt so bad cause i HATE calling in to work. i really do. i wanted to go today, but i didnt want to have a shitty day.

Ben and I slept til like .. 2 today, lol. It always feels soo nice sleeping next to him. It's like .. overwhelming sometimes after I wake up and I'm next to him .. because I was unconscious of his presence all night until I wake up and then I can feel him next to me again. It's hard to explain. aaah :)

We went grocery shopping last night after Ben got out of work! FINALLYYY lol .. we skipped a week cause none of us had a lot of money. Chris came w/ us .. mmm I love having a full cart of groceries. it looks so ... appetizing, hhaah.
i love..
pizza bites, bananas, yogurt, potatoes, green pepper, hamburger, chicken patties, hot pockets, pizza dough, burritos for chicken fajitas, freezer pops, tuna fish .. just some of the yummy things we got : D

I just called my parents house and wanted to know where my sister Alicia was cause I wanna hang out w/ her today .. and my dad said that her and my mom went to my nana's house to go swimming + stuff. So i am going to call there in a min. Ben usually has Sundays off .. but they needed him to work at 4 today so he's getting ready.

Fireworks are going on tonight in Jay I guess, at 9. So we might come back out later for those.
alright .. everyone have a GREAT day + a wonderful 4th !

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heyyy [02 Jul 2005|10:49am]
[ mood | headache ]

geeeez guys, lol..
i am now on a computer once again. freedom got a laptop for her graduation present and it comes w/ 6 free months of AOL. so yayyy ;p

Life has been going pretty good. I got my first paycheck from Wal-Mart on Thursday, so that felt nice. but since this is the first one, i have all these things waiting that i need to pay, haha.

Ben and i have been doing well. I was really really bummed out a couple days ago because he had been acting weird to me for like 2 days. We hadn't been getting along like usual and i was so afraid that he was going to break up with me. I have seriously NEVER been so scared of anything, really. Not in the way that I was scared about that. I kept saying to him "What did I do? Do you even like me anymore?" and he would say yes, etc.

My sister and I went tanning together the other day. We both hadn't been in quite some time. It just makes me nervous. I am too afraid of getting skin cancer. I am careful w/ that kind of stuff. It's hard though cause being tan does look nice. :)

OOOH~! so my friend Bethany came up w/ her fiancee Stan from Virginia. I was so excited to see her. It had been a couple years. We had so much fun. Went down to Popham Beach. Christine hung out w/ us that day, too. That was nice cause I hadn't seen her at all really, after graduation in '03.

I have so many good pictures of Ben and I ... :)
But I can't put them on here ... :(
I need a scanner or something soooo bad. I WANT TO SHOW YOU GUYSSS!
alright .. i hope everyone is doing REALLY WELL .. i must comment on your LJS ..

love, sarah

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